Donation Story

The primary purpose of Heart Party is to generate funds that can be donated directly to artists working in live performance in Aotearoa. We've seen how hard it is for live performance makers to get their work up, especially in the wake of Covid, and we wanna help! Therefore, 50% of profits on every purchase you make with us will go directly to a live performance maker towards the development or presentation of their work.

 So: That means that anyone who purchases something from Heart Party not only becomes the owner of bespoke artisan clothing created locally...They also become an artist donor whose contribution will make a direct impact! 

Every Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, Heart Party will donate 50% of our profits to an artist or artists who are in the process of developing live presentation. In considering who to donate to, we will prioritize artists who:
  • Are BIPOC, QTPOC and/or Disabled, AND/OR
  • Are emerging and need assistance breaking into the sector AND/OR
  • Have applied for funding and have been unsuccessful AND/OR
  • Are community-focused, and make socially, culturally and politically urgent work. 

When you purchase a product from Heart Party, this is who you become a direct supporter of <3